Penthouse Publisher Says He’ll Bid on Playboy Thursday

Marc Bell, CEO of FriendFinder Networks and publisher of purportedly erotic magazine Penthouse, told XBIZ Newswire (yes, the porn industry has its own wire service) today that he plans on making his bid to buy Playboy public on Thursday at 12:30 p.m.
Bell’s interest in the magazine follows an offer by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner to take Playboy Enterprises private by buying the shares of Playboy he doesn’t own already for $5.50 apiece for a total valuation of $185 million.
In response to Bell, Hefner wrote on Twitter: “Penthouse is just looking for publicity. They’re not in the picture.”
For further reading on the potential Playboy purchase, check out TheWrap, which has Hefner’s buyout proposal in its entirety.