Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely Guest Editing Gawker’s Fleshbot

2011 Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up Ryan Keely is guest editing Gawker Media’s Fleshbot this week. Maybe her work will finally help put to rest the stereotype about bloggers sitting around in their underwear. Because, from what we’ve seen, she’s clearly not a fan.

“I’m humbled that [editor] Lux Alptraum thinks I’m up to the task of guest editing Fleshbot and I’ve been working very hard to create what I hope is interesting content to amuse the Fleshbot readers,” Keely told Adult Video News.

So how are things going? Keely started out strong, with a lovely little tale of popping a random Internet fan’s threesome cherry. Lots of good visual imagery involving “juices” and “balls.” Tough to go wrong. But then things took a  slight ethical turn. Last night, Keely wrote a glowing review of Penthouse‘s new 3-D porn flick Real Pornstars Of Chatsworth. Not quite sure how the porn review world works, but it doesn’t seem quite right for a site to bring in a Penthouse Pet to hype up Penthouse‘s expensive new 3-D porn endeavor.

Should we expect the same journalistic standards in the porn review world that we do of the mainstream press? We have no idea. Feel free to weigh in.