Penthouse Says It’s Still in the Print Magazine Business

Rep suggests CNBC reporter misinterpreted company press release.

What the Guccione?!

Following a Jan. 15 report that Penthouse magazine is going digital, a representative for the publication today is correcting that news. From Roger Yu’s USA Today item:

“We are truly committed to the magazine,” Kelly Holland, managing director of Penthouse Entertainment, said Tuesday. “There’s gravitas about the print page that you can’t replace…”

Holland says the reports misinterpreted the company’s press release, which was issued to announce the planned relaunch of the magazine’s website, “Can I promise we will be publishing print in five years? No, but as long as we can keep it profitable, we will carry it forward,” Holland said.

When asked by Yu if the magazine is currently profitable, Holland would only say that it’s “challenging.” The revamped Penthouse magazine website is scheduled to go live in March.

In defense of the CNBC reporter who sparked this news trail, the headline for the press release was: “Penthouse Magazine Goes Digital!” And the text of the release is also pretty confusing.

P.S. Last night, under the headline “Porn Mag Comes Around: People Like Masturbating at Computers More,” Keith J. Kelly was still hearing the print edition was dead and that ‘there may still be a last-minute buyout offer headed up by Penthouse president Kelly Holland, which could save the print edition.’