Pentagram Dons Spurs, Heads West

From time to time, our friends at Pentagram send us over updates on what they’re working on right now. Of course, it’s always really interesting, inspirational, and yes, sometimes we start thinking, “This is too good. They must be stopped.” But when we got a message from them yesterday, introducing a new project, we were extra excited. Why? Because we learned that they were the ones responsible for handling all the interior and exterior design work for the new Arizona Cardinals stadium. Now if you’ve recently read this writer’s best-selling, tell-all-autobiography, “I Am Me and Me I Am,” you would recognize that he was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona, the home of the new stadium. All kinds of excited pride there. So bravo to Pentagram. And extra bravo for doing such nice work so close to home. Here’s the rundown:

For Cardinals Stadium, Pentagram created an inventive visual and graphic program for the building and surrounding site. The extensive graphic and interior design program encompassed the building’s overall identification, large-scale thematic elements, signage, sponsor graphics, the scoreboards, end zone treatments, and interiors for locker rooms, club lounges and the corporate lofts. The work makes the stadium a vital part of the Cardinals’ identity, creating a dynamic new home for a team that is the oldest continuously run professional football franchise in the nation.