Pentagram Blows Up ‘The New York Times’


Proof that working at Pentagram is second only to being employed at the All You Can Eat Free Candy Emporium, the firm has just put up a great story on how they came to put together the amazing sign on the side of the new New York Times building. Lots of great photos accompany the piece that details just how you’d go about piecing together a 15 foot tall logo across the exterior, allowing passersby on the street to clearly identify what it said, but also allow the people working on the inside to see out. Here’s a little:

But what looks like a simple sign — if a 110-foot-long logo set as a 10,116-point version of the newspaper’s iconic Fraktur font can be called simple — is actually an intricate assemblage of nearly a thousand separate custom-designed pieces, each a painted extruded aluminum sleeve a little more than three inches in diameter.