Penny Pitchers At Press Club?

Photo taken by FBDC reader.

While enjoying drinks at the National Press Club with some friends, one FBDC reader noticed these two women lobbing heaps of change onto the bar. When she asked were the coins came from, the women explained that they had been in the sculpture gardens during Friday night’s rainstorm, jumped into the fountain to keep warm (why, we’re not sure) and then started collecting all of the change that superstitious well-wishers had tossed into the pool.

A patron turned to the women, who were on a first-name basis with the club bartenders, and asked if they were members of the press. “We used to be,” they replied.

Our tipster points out, “you know the state of media is bad when NPC patrons have to go fountain diving to pay for their drinks. We pity the two women and their change almost as much as the charity that those coins were supposed to go to.”

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