Penney’s Two Cents | Mos Def’s Letter To The Observer | Media Salaries In ’77 | Tweet Turds

The Huffington Post: Former Self editor and Madoff Ponzi scheme victim Alexandra Penney
discusses why losing everything meant gaining perspective and not just the newly-formed and overwhelming desire to punch hedgehogs.

Gawker: Mos Def may have written a strongly-worded letter to The Observer after writer D.M. Levine mentioned the performer was seen sipping from a bottle of Rolling Rock at 172 Duane Street. Beats rumors of playing Edward Fortyhands at 256 Grand Street.

Mediaite: A New York magazine issue from 1977 reveals writers didn’t make any money then either.

Mashable: A new iPhone app, colorfully titled “Bird Turd,” allows users to drop a virtual deuce on offending Tweets.

WebNewser: Speaking of Twitter, beware of people who attack you with “Lols” via this social media network. They might be goin’ phishing.

New York Post: Microsoft and Yahoo! are one step closer to sealing the deal that will render both Still Not Google.