A Journalism Career Born in a Houston Garage

Shea Serrano's first article netted him $15.

How can you not love a media career that began as follows:

Even though Serrano climbed the media ladder quickly, it didn’t happen overnight. He began, humbly, as a freelance sportswriter for the Near Northwest Banner, a tiny neighborhood publication that a “little old woman” was printing in her garage. His first story was about Craig Biggio’s retirement from the Houston Astros. She paid him $15.

That nugget comes from a profile of Shea Serrano, an author and former Grantland writer, by Travis Shafer for Stanford University’s The Peninsula Press. The article is a perfect piece of writing to save for the hammock this holiday weekend. Shafer pins his narrative to the birth of Serrano and wife Larami’s twin children; Dad decided to pursue journalism after he was unable to land work at Target, Walmart and the like.

The Near Northwest Banner is no more. But it looks like the woman who ran it, Frances Allday, is still letting her voice be heard here and there. A happy holiday to her, the Serrano family and all of our readers.

Jacket cover courtesy: Harry N. Abrams