Penguin’s Chopsticks App Is Named App Of The Year

App Magazine has named the digital novel Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral the App of the Year.

The app, from the Penguin Publishing Group, uses images, songs, videos, music and letters to tell a love story about two neighbors. The app brings to life mementos from the story like newspaper clippings and mixtapes to help make it feel like a real love story.

Here is more from iTunes: “Musical notes reveal treasured mementos and stolen secrets as Glory loses herself in Frank’s paintings and drawings. Links bring the music of their shared mix CDs to reality. Vibrant videos play the shows and clips they watch together and breathe still photos to life. Scrapbook images move as the text flows from Spanish to English. Their late-night IM conversations whisper, blinking down the screen. Frank becomes Glory’s connection to the world—and her escape from reality.”

The story is left open to the reader’s interpretation. App Magazine’s review explains: “There are so many blanks that are intentionally left open to the reader interpretation that if you asked then people what Chopsticks was about, you would get ten different answers.”