Penguin Random House, MTA Launch ‘Subway Reads’

Free books!

The MTA, Penguin Random House and Transit Wireless have joined forces to help the bored subway rider with Subway Reads. The program allows commuters to read more than 150 ebooks and excerpts from Penguin Random House publications while awaiting their definitely late train.

Subway Reads will run for the next eight weeks as a promotion for 175 stations having full Wi-Fi capabilities. All 278 stations are supposed to be wired by the end of the year, but please don’t hold your breath.

Users accessing Subway Reads can pick a selection based on how long they’ll be underground. Or, uh, how long they’re supposed to be underground.

The Subway Reads site also comes with a function that will allow users to purchase ebooks, with the MTA getting a cut of the profits.