Penguin Publishing: The Covers of Books and Books Without Covers


Couple of interesting links here all about Penguin — the book company, not the adorable, cuddly-wuddly little stars of far too many recent films. First comes a nice little mix of information and review of the new book by Phil Baines, Penguin by Design, all about the history of the publishing company’s design work. And second comes a report straight from the Penguin blog itself. Yesterday they announced there that they’re trying something out that’s kinda fun. They’re releasing six books under the banner My Penguin that will feature completely blank covers, thus allowing the people who buy them, or renegade Barnes and Nobel vandals, to illustrate their own copies. Here’s some:

In essence, we’ve started a new series because if the first six work we’ll publish more. The series was named My Penguin by our rather marvelous Creative Director, who came up with the name after about two minutes. The tag line is ‘Books by the Greats, Covers by You’, and throughout the rush to design the (back) covers, get the right paper, and tell people about them, we’ve had a really great time. The covers are art-quality paper, and from internal Penguin efforts we know that they hold ink, paint, pencil and glue (see the first efforts here). Each one comes shrink-wrapped so the paper doesn’t get dirty, and I hope people might give them as gifts. They’re went round Penguin earlier in the week and we’ve starting an online gallery that will launch with staff efforts at the end of November