Penguin Hires Smith and Blahnik to Sing Happy Birthday to Them


Interesting story from this morning’s Times. It’s about Penguin (who, is it us?, has recently really started to go nuts in upping the level of regular design coolness, even more than usual?) who, to help celebrate their 60th anniversary, is calling on a couple of big names, including the two mentioned in the article, Manolo Blahnik and Sir Paul Smith, to help them design covers for these special editions. Here’s some:

Sir Paul opted for Lady Chatterley’s Lover because he adores D. H. Lawrence and was born 25 miles from the author’s birthplace in Nottinghamshire. He produced a cloth jacket wrapped loosely around the hardback, and a floral design for inside the book. The architect Ron Arad, artist Sam Taylor-Wood and the graphic design partnership Fuel are producing jackets, too.

Penguin is publishing 1,000 numbered copies of each of the five books, price $100. The first of each design has been signed by its designer and will be auctioned online between next Monday and Wednesday in aid of the charity English PEN, which campaigns for the freedom to write without fear of censorship.