Fox Latino Fumbles Penélope Cruz ‘Anchor Baby’ Story

First, Salma Hayek admits that she was, for a brief time at the very beginning of her Los Angeles acting career, a visitor with an expired Mexican visa. Now comes news that fellow Hispanic hottie Penélope Cruz and partner Javier Bardem, Spain’s chromosome equivalent of Brad and Angelina, are planning to birth their first child in L.A. rather than Madrid.

Like many EU nations, Spain allows for dual citizenship, even if the child is born abroad. So the couple (JaPen? PenJa?) has reportedly decided to do the hospital holiday season honors on this side of the Altantico to give Jr. the full benefit of an international citizenship.

Check out this hilariously melodramatic lead from Fox Latino, via

These days, its seems as though a black cloud is hovering over Spain…

We hate to be the bearers of blacker-cloud news, but Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal has just been confirmed as the star of a sexy new line of underwear ads for a famous company in… Italy. What’s next – Pedro Almodóvar relocating to Key West?

P.S. A number of people have separately objected to Fox Latino’s use of the term “Anchor Baby” in the headline for the above mentioned December 10th article.