Pellicano’s assasination tango

The New York Times tomorrow will carry this story, a piece by David Halbfinger and Allison Hope Weiner follows a recent AP story about how far Pellicano was willing to go to clean up his messes: Assasinating a former hired thug who’d turned against him.

“In 2002 Mr. Proctor was recorded telling an F.B.I. informant that Mr. Pellicano had hired him to threaten a Los Angeles Times reporter, Anita Busch. A search of Mr. Pellicano’s offices that November revealed what prosecutors say was a mountain of evidence of illegal wiretapping. During a jailhouse visit in January with his girlfriend, Sandra Will Carradine, Mr. Pellicano asked her to find a contact at the federal prison in Greenville, Ill., where Mr. Proctor was incarcerated, prosecutors said at a bail hearing in February. ‘If something happens to Proctor, he couldn’t testify against me,’ Mr. Pellicano told Ms. Carradine, prosecutors asserted in court.”

This is pretty horrifying stuff. Apparently, even Pellicano’s girlfriend expressed concerns for her safety after she told Feds that Pellicano had bragged of killing people in Chicago before moving to L.A.

Suddenly, Anita Busch doesn’t seem half as hysterical as Hollywood originally painted her.

What’s more, the plot to kill the thug, Alexander Proctor, only surfaced this year, when Pellicano was about to get out of federal prison on a weapons conviction:


“They also show that the purported plot was uncovered early this year when Pellicano was about to be released from a prison near Bakersfield on explosives charges stemming from the November 2002 search of his office, where FBI agents found two illegally modified hand grenades and C4 plastic explosives.”

Explosive, indeed.