Pellicano uber alles

Today’s Editor & Publisher takes the “Anthony Pellicano will destroy the Earth!” war-chant to a new level, suggesting that the hand grenade-toting P.I.’s 1992 forensic audio work for candidate Bill Clinton may somehow torpedo Hilary’s run at the presidency. Writes Thomas Lipscomb,

“In 2003 a man who had had also worked for both The National Enquirer and The Clinton White House, David Kendall, dismissed any connection between the Clintons and Pellicano as “politically motivated and demonstrably false.” But when Pellicano was directly asked by Newsweek if he was working for the Clintons, he had “no comment.” …and yet in all the coverage of the Pellicano travails of the past four years not one Mainstream Media organization has bothered to look into any of this, from The New York Times to the Los Angeles Times.”

Um, methinks that’s probably a bridge too far, but hey, at this point, anything is possible. Worthy of a look-see.

In other Pelicano news, I just had the Los Angeles Times‘intrepid Rachel Abramowitz on “The Business,” my NPR show, and she tells me the Times is putting the finishing touches on a mega-profile of Dennis Wasser, divorce lawyer to Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg and U.S. government “person of interest”

Should be…interesting.

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