Pellicano reporters targeted for grand jury testimony?

Nikki Finke today carries the grim news that New York Times reporters David Halbfinger and Allison Hope Weiner might be compelled to testify as to who’s been slipping all those confidential FBI witness interview summaries from the trial of disgraced Hollywood PI to the stars, Anthony Pellicano.

It’s a brilliant tactic on the part of Stephen Miller and Chad Hummel, who represent LAPD officer Mark Arneson. It casts their client – “accused of trolling through police computers to dig up dirt on Pellicano targets,” as Finke puts it – in a sympathetic light (Poor cop can’t get a fair trial!), while simultaneously putting the spotlight on the Government as the potential source of the leaks.

Plumbing these leaks will make for good copy, but puts the New York Times of having to both cover its ass and cover itself – with reporters other than the two pros who’ve owned the story so far.

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