Pelicano murder accusations: Something smell fishy?

Per today’s New York Times, disgraced PI Anthony Pellicano may well have intended to assasinate both Alexander Proctor, the gentlemen who placed that now-famous fish on the broken windshield of LA Times‘ reporter Anita Busch, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Saunders.

But this smells fishy to Ross Johnson, the occasional contributor to the NY Times and Esquire who also slings for MovieCity News.


“The 58-year-old ex-girlfriend of Pellicano, Sandra Carradine, is quoted via the F.B.I. summaries as stating that Pellicano not only wanted to ice Proctor, but also wanted to do the nasty on F.B.I. agents and the lead federal prosecutor, Daniel Saunders. There’s one problem with all this noise. Why would Pellicano want to kill Proctor over the state case? Pellicano and Proctor haven’t even been arraigned on those charges, and the D.A.’s office seems to be in no hurry to present any evidence per the charges. If Pellicano was going to risk life in prison for conspiracy to commit murder, wouldn’t he be wanting to off witnesses on the wiretapping and racketeering case, which carries a potential sentence five times as long as the maximum three-year stretch he would have to pull for conspiring to put a fish on Busch’s windshield?”

We’re curious about that, too.