Peeps Takes Advantage of Crafting Craze With ‘Express Your Peepsonality’ Campaign

PeepsIf you’ve been buying those sugar-coated, almost-too-adorable-to-bite-into marshmallow Peeps just to eat them, it seems you’ve vastly underestimated their versatility.

If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve probably learned that you can “MacGyver” random household objects into supernatural feats of cratfy-ness (mason jar lamp, anyone?). And when it comes to Peeps, if you lived in a college dorm in the last few decades, you may have even discovered that one can create an epic Peep jousting match using only two marshmallow chicks, two toothpicks and a microwave. But did you know that Peeps may also be used to make bonnets, birdhouses, and an array of other adorable spring-themed things?

Peeps & Company wants to remind you.

These colorful, sugary little chicks have been a spring snacking staple for over 60 years, but a surprising 30 percent of Peeps sold are actually used for craft projects. Peeps & Company, which also makes the famous Mike and Ike’s, decided to take advantage of the crafting craze with its new “Express Your Peepsonality” campaign. The company’s first digital marketing effort will unveil a new Peeps post every day until Easter for the brand’s 250,000 Facebook fans. The company’s agency, Terri & Sandy Solution, also created a new TV spot called “Brothers” (below), which depicts a boy imparting an important life lesson to his little brother about the endless possibilities of Peeps.

“We’ve always embraced the crafts and recipes part of our brand,” said Mark Hoffman, senior brand manager. “But how we are communicating it now really brings it all together.”

Personally, we think the best thing about Peeps is how much better they taste when a little stale, but what about you? Peep jousting? Statues of historic figures made from Peeps? Peep scented candles? What do you do with yours?