PeekInToo Lets You Request and Experience 12 Seconds Videos From Anonymous Users

Imagine, requesting and accessing 12 seconds of video footage from anywhere in the world from anonymous strangers – that’s what PeekInToo is offering. The app is a new anonymous social networking tool that brings the vicarious adventurer and the perpetually social together in one app. So, if you like watching short videos, check out the app’s promotional video below.

There’s no need to follow friends or users to receive a Peek. Just navigate to the map and select a location with users to request a 12 second snapshot from someone else’s life. Unlike Snapchat, the app is highly supportive of anonymity, but it’s possible to get videos from users with other users in the Peek videos.

Now, you are able to REQUEST and receive real-time Peeks (i.e. 12 seconds videos) from anyplace in the world, anonymously.
-Go to your area of interest
-Request a Peek and enjoy!
-Just don’t forget to reply to any Peek requests near you…

Always check the users density in the area that you are about to request a Peek, in order to improve your chances of an instant response.