Peeking Into Pentagram’s Harley-Davidson Museum


You likely heard about the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee back in early 2006 when the project was announced with Pentagram and architect Jim Biber at its helm. While its 2008 opening seemed like a long way off way back then, the time has arrive to throw open the doors and see what the two have been up to. There are few random photos on the Museum’s site, but there are also a couple more, and some additional information, over at Design Week. Here’s a bit from them:

It will house a retail space, an annexe and a rally urban space which will enable bikers to ride through the grounds.

Visitors to the museum will see installations designed by Pentagram partner Abbott Miller, such as a parade of bikes at the museum’s entrance which showcases the best designs from the Harley collection.

The colour palette inside uses the Harley colours of black, silver and orange, while the museum will use a variety of media including photographs, Harley-branded apparel and documents to engage visitors with the brand.

Also of note, should you want some more to aid your Pentagram fix, we highly recommend reading up on their blog about the new Radar magazine redesign by the firm’s Luke Hayman and Kate Elazegui. Well worth seeing their genius at work.