Peapod for iPad: Shop for Groceries from Your Couch or on The Go

Back in the Dot Com boom of the 1990s, what then Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan called irrational exuberance, a number of web companies tried to duplicate Amazon’s success with books and CDs (music) in a number of verticals. Toys, pet supplies, and groceries delivered to the door (by grocery trucks, not FedEx) all tried and failed (until Amazon picked up many of the pieces and figured out how to do it correctly). Some ideas come back for a second try. And, that’s the case with the web grocery delivery service Peapod. Peapod provides service in select metropolitan areas and states. If you are a Peapod customer in one of those areas, you can now order your groceries using Peapod’s new free iPad app.

Peapod Expands App Offering With New App for iPad

Peapod 1.1.0 for iPad (iTunes App Store)

It provides the following features:

– Search – type in search words or enter a UPC to find exactly what you need.
– Weekly Specials – save money with the thousands of items on sale each week.
– My Lists and Previous Purchases – easily shop from the items you’ve bought before.
– My Specials – choose from a list of your past purchases on sale this week.
– Guess My Order – a speedy way to shop that adds the items you frequently buy with a single touch.
– Optimized Views – the ability to view items in a list or grid format (exclusive to iPad).