Peanut’s Social Networking App for Moms Launched on Android

The app connects mothers based on their shared interests

Peanut launched its social networking application for mothers on Android. Available in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., the app uses machine learning and a “smart algorithm” to connect women based on their shared interests, values and more.

Upon creating a Peanut account, users are asked questions related to their current pregnancy and/or existing child(ren). From there, they can select a series of categories matching their interests and lifestyle, such as “City Gal,” “Mama of Multiples” and “Single Mama.”

One a profile is created, the app uses the user’s location and provided information to show them nearby women with similar interests. Users can also turn the location toggle off to find matches in other areas.

When a user finds someone they’d like to chat with, they can send them a “wave.” If the recipient waves back, the app’s algorithm will show the similarities between the two users, giving them potential topics for breaking the ice.

Peanut allows users to chat in one-on-one conversations, as well as in group chats supporting up to 20 members. While chatting, users can schedule meeting times to meet up in the real world. Finally, users can invite their friends to join the app.

Peanut is available to download for free on Google Play. The app launched on iOS in February 2017. More than 10 million waves and over 600,000 messages have been sent on iOS so far.

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