Peanut Labs Media Introduces Cherry Deals Discounts

pl200Peanut Labs Media is announcing Cherry Deals Daily Discounts, where social gamers can earn virtual currencies by purchasing local goods and services at discounts of 50% and up. The idea is a great evolution of the offers and tasks service that Peanut Labs has offered for years, and the relevance of the offers mean that the service is good for all parts of the social games virtual goods value chain. Retailers’ product offers are shown to users who have a higher likelihood of purchasing, users are presented with huge discounts, and the game makers themselves facilitate a higher number of virtual good transactions.

The service is updated with new deals daily, and by using players’ IP addresses, the deals are targeted to players in specific areas. Peanut Labs has 200 publishers who are working with them on Cherry Deals, so there will be a variety of games that display the new deals, and a lot of users. Peanut Labs will be sure to let us know about the success of the program in the months to come.

Some examples of Cherry Deals daily discounts include $40 worth of groceries at a national grocery store chain for $20, $14 movie tickets for $7, and a $200 health club membership for $99. In each example, users receive the discount and virtual currency immediately, and the game publisher receives payment from Peanut Labs. If you were perceiving a similarity between this and Groupon, the similarity ends here, as there is no minimum required signup by a group to actually claim the prize and coupon. Another similar service is LivingSocial daily deals, where a big element is that if a deal consumer gets three other people to take the deal, the first consumer gets it free. The intelligent move by Peanut Labs is to bring this entire model to the social gaming world, which makes its service quite different.

The press release discusses the merchants who will be participating in the program:

The Cherry Deals program culminates an effort by Peanut Labs Media to secure participation from over 2,500 local merchants in major metropolitan areas, as well as nationwide discounts for users elsewhere in the United States. Nationwide partners include Zoe Clutch and Crazy Dog T-Shirts. Local examples include ROBB Salon and Dry Clean Express in Los Angeles and Z Cioccolato and Mission Minis in San Francisco. A team of Peanut Labs Media representatives directly secures each deal.

Some of the bigger names to sign up with Cherry Deals are RockYou, who will be integrating Cherry Deals into its Monetization Platform products, and TheBroth, who will be integrating the service into their games.