Peach Social Networking App Launches on iOS

The app allows users to share text, photos and more to their personal space, and utilizes 'magic words' for sharing certain content.

Social networking app Peach has launched on iOS, giving each user a space to share quick updates about their daily lives, and follow the lives of others.
Instead of a timeline combining content from all users, Peach offers a dedicated page for each user to share content. Users can share text and photos to their spaces, and can share additional content through the use of ‘magic words,’ like ‘gif,’ ‘song’ or ’draw,’ as examples.
Typing ‘gif,’ for instance, causes the GIF search bar to appear. From there, users can search for GIFs by typing in keywords, and can use arrow buttons to browse through the results until they find a GIF they’d like to share.
Typing ‘draw’ allows users to draw a picture to share to their space, while typing words like ‘here’ or ‘weather’ will allow users to share their current location, or the weather in their location, and so on. Finally, tapping a lightbulb gives users inspirational prompts for content they may like to share next.
Users can follow others within the app, and will see a preview of each user’s most recent post from the app’s home screen. Tapping on a friend displays their full space, so users can view more of their activity.
While viewing another user’s space, users can scroll to the bottom of the screen to trigger an activity button, like waving to the user, or giving the user cake. Users can also ‘like’ or comment on individual posts on a user’s page.
Peach is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.