PC World Editor’s Killers Found?

0927farrance.jpgGood news in the hunt for the killers of PC World senior editor Rex Farrance. Three men have been charged with the crime… and, damn, if this is true – it was stupid. He was apparently killed because three men wanted to steal marijuana his son was growing for medical use:

Rex Farrance, 59, the San Francisco-based magazine’s senior technical editor, was shot in the chest on Jan. 9 after masked men broke into his suburban home. Farrance’s relatives believe the killers targeted the home after learning about the marijuana from a friend of the 19-year-old son. “Without regard to the legality of the extensive marijuana-growing operation that was taking place in the residence, we regard Mr. Farrance as an innocent victim in this case,” said Contra Costa County prosecutor Harold Jewett. Farrance’s wife, Lenore Vantosh-Farrance, was pistol-whipped during the robbery but managed to call 911.

The men charged all have prior records and could face the death penalty.