PC World Compares 10 Touch Screen Phones

Photos courtesy of PC World

PC World’s Daniel Ionescu is a brave person. Why? I think it is nearly impossible to write a comparison article like…

Smartphone Palooza: 10 Hot Touchscreens Compared

…an emerge unscathed. You are bound to make judgement calls that are going to upset people if you didn’t choose they phone they are using (and presumably like) right now. I encourage you to read the article. But, don’t get upset if one of Daniel’s choices isn’t one of your current favorite touch screen smartphones. Note he doesn’t pick a single winner. In fact, he picks pairs of winner in three broad categories: Storage space, photos and heavy text input (email, texting, twittering). The HTC Touch Pro2 (something I’m hoping to buy later this month) is one of the two “winners” in this last category. So, I wasn’t upset by his picks 🙂