‘PBS NewsHour’ Whips Out Infographic on Record Growth

Social platforms like Tumblr and Instagram are helping a venerable nightly newscast engage its audience.

Just as “PBS NewsHour” has seen growth on TV, the brand is also seeing strong social growth. So attractive are the numbers, in fact, NewsHour decided they would look great in an infographic.


“We’ve not only increased the amount of reporting we publish on our website, but we’re carrying that over to social platforms when it’s suited for that specific audience,” says Nick Massella, NewsHour’s director of audience engagement and communications. Massella says the show “has put significant resources” toward their social media strategy.

What is striking about the accompanying video NewsHour put on its YouTube channel, which celebrated the show’s year of growth, are the story clips highlighted in the promo. Segments on ISIS, heroin addiction, refugee camps, climate change, wage protests — showing that you can go after serious news stories and increase engagement at the same time.

Editor’s Note: Until Nov. 2014, Nick Massella was editor of FishbowlDC