PBS NewsHour Hires Task Fiend

Christina Bellantoni, Political Director for PBS’s NewsHour, has announced her final hire for the upcoming election season. It’s Alex Bruns, who has been hired to be a Politics Production Assistant. He starts on July 16. His position is grant funded; he has gone through two rotations on their political team. “Simply put, there’s no task Alex won’t do,” she writes. Whoa!

See the internal memo…

Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that we are bringing on Alex Bruns as a Politics Production Assistant starting July 16 after he finishes up the Desk Assistant program. This is a grant-funded position through the end of the year. Alex has been an enthusiastic member of Team Politics for two rotations this year, and quickly stepped up to the plate as the regular producer of our invaluable Shields and Brooks segment on Fridays. And he’s done so much more — going out on assignments in battleground states, finding guests for segments, writing for the web site and filming Listen to Me videos. Simply put, there’s no task Alex won’t do. In this new role, Alex will keep up all of that great work with Mark and David, with field production, shooting and editing Listen to Me videos and writing for the website, in addition to helping with the broadcast each night. His drive and his passion for politics are infectious and it’s been terrific working with him, so we’re thrilled to keep that going. Alex also will be on hand at both conventions. Please join me in congratulating Alex (@abbruns) on his promotion. A photo of Team Politics is attached. We’re looking forward to an exciting election year. Best, Christina

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