PBS, NBC Lead News & Doc Emmy Nominees

Not unsurprisingly, Katrina and Iraq stories dominate this year’s list of nominees for the News and Documentary Emmy Awards. PBS leads the way with 33. NBC (19) edged out CBS (16) and ABC (14) among the major networks. The awards will be presented September 27 at the Marriot Marquis.

CNN, whose coverage will be remembered not only for Anderson Cooper’s star-making turn but for a late-night outburst [above] involving meteorologist Chad Myers, received six.

If we were members of the Academy, we’d give Myers an Emmy just for that.

  • PBS 33
  • NBC 19
  • CBS 16
  • ABC 14
  • History Channel 12
  • National Geographic 8
  • Cinemax 7
  • HBO 6
  • CNN 6
  • Discovery Channel 5
  • nytimes.com 3
  • MTV 3
  • Discovery HD Theater 2
  • Animal Planet 2
  • washingtonpost.com 2
  • Discovery Times Channel 1
  • Hallmark Channel 1
  • Showtime 1
  • Univision 1


    Ceremony to be Held September 25 in New York City

    New York, N.Y. — July 18, 2006 — Nominations for the 27th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards were announced today by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The News and Documentary Emmy Awards will be presented on Monday, September 25 at a black-tie ceremony at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, attended by more than 700 television and new media industry executives, news and documentary producers and journalists. Sponsors for the 27th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards include Grass Valley, a Thomson brand, and Television Week, the print partner.

    “This year’s nominees have done an exceptional job of covering the major stories of the day — from the war zones around the world to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina,” said Peter Price, President/CEO, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. “They also shed light on serious social concerns, such as the growing number of Americans without health insurance. The quality and breadth of the reporting in this year’s nominees are exceptional.”

    “This year’s nominations are exceptionally fine,” said Bill Small, Chairman of News and Documentary Emmy Awards. “Their high quality — as good as we’ve seen in years — is especially reflected in the large number of nominations for Hurricane Katrina coverage and aspects of the war in Iraq.”