PBS Kids FETCH! Lunch Rush Brings Augmented Reality to 1st & 2nd Grade Math

Augmented Reality (AR) has made its way to elementary school. PBS Kids released a free app for the iPhone and iPod touch this week. The app is based on the PBS Kids TV show “FETCH!” which combines at animated dog (Ruff Ruffman) with real kids and science and math education.

PBS KIDS Launches Its First Educational Augmented Reality App (Businesswire)

The free FETCH! Lunch Rush app (iTunes App Store link) needs a bit of file manipulation, scissors, a printer and paper to get started. A PDF file can be sent from the app for printing. PBS Kids also provides a web page URL that can be typed in a desktop browser to get the PDF file. The three printed sheets contains ten AR registration marker cutouts. Each piece of paper has a number from one to ten along with the AR registration marks. These pieces of paper can be scattered around for use with the game. The app displays with arithmetic problems which have answsers that range from one to ten. The goal is to point the iPhone or iPod touch’s camera at the AR marker with the correct answer. 3D drawings of sushi appear floating over the paper in the the iPhone’s display and tapping the screens provides feedback on the answer.

The app is aimed at students in the first and second grade.