PBS is Branching Out in Two Important Ways with Web Video

comScore reports during the month of June U.S. viewers watched over 145 million videos across all of PBS’s web and mobile platforms. The non-profit broadcaster is now the 15th most popular online property for video. Undergoing a major revamp in its video offerings with a new web redesign last year, PBS continues to branch out in what it says are “two important ways.” The first way is adding pre-roll sponsorships to its video streams, and the second is launching a digital channel in the U.K.

PBS has found that digital has broadened its audience. With the advent of videos online, an audience has arrived and it is time to deliver the goods. Jason Seiken, SVP for PBS Interactive and Product Development, told paidContent in an interview, “Just to put our progress into perspective, about 3 years ago, we had roughly 2 million streams a month.” Seiken added, “And now, we’ve reached 145 million a month. With that as a foundation, we’re looking for revenue to offset our costs, and video is expensive. So that’s where the focus is now.”

Seiken says much of the growth is driven by video and the net income is up 110 percent. It is very likely both the audience and revenue growth will continue to grow.

Interestingly, the bulk of the web video has been on kids’ programming for two reasons. Kids’ digital programming costs less because productions are on the simple side. Secondly, education is very much a part of PBS’ policy. Kids prefer longer-form webisodes, while adults want clips and highlights.

PBS can be viewed via Android where users can just watch the programming through the broadcaster’s website. However, PBS has no plans to develop an app for the mobile device.