PBS’ Gwen Ifill Praises NBC’s Chuck Todd, Gets Gust of Hate Directed Her Way

No doubt PBS’ “Washington Week” host Gwen Ifill didn’t anticipate the sleeping beast she’d wake by complimenting NBC Political Director and MSNBC “Daily Rundown” host Chuck Todd.

But that’s exactly what happened last week when Todd, who is Jewish, traveled to Israel with President Obama and asked one too many questions, three to be exact. “Passover starts in a couple days, I get four questions,” Todd joked. Obama poked at him, saying, “Chuck, how many ya got?” and “Chuck, you’re just incorrigible!” Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also made fun of the reporter, saying, “This is not a kosher question but don’t hog it.”

In a day and age when journalists get verbally slaughtered online for just about anything, including breathing, some of Ifill’s followers were furious about her praise for Todd. There was nothing mild about it. Unlike some journalists, Ifill left it alone and didn’t respond.

Have a look. Ifill’s followers:

  • “So you love assholes?” Just Plain Mary, an Obama supporter, asked.
  • And Debra Hendrix: “Proof of just how LOW the bar is now set.”
  • “He’s an embarrassment, & so are you if you think his pettiness is professional.” — Joshua Epstein, a gay New York City Democrat.
  • Patrece: “Gwen The Ass Who Let Palin Make A Fool Of Her Is Looking For Luv In Chuck Todd Is A Joke Her Ass Is Toast.”