Payvment Sets Up Social Shop With

E-commerce site shows items popular on Facebook, Twitter

For retailers, Pinterest’s promise resides in the potential ability of brands and users to see which products are the most popular on the social scrapbooking site—and then go ahead and buy them. Pinterest hasn't gone there yet, though upstart competitor The Fancy has. And now, another social shopping player is looking to dial up its commerce capabilities.

Payvment, which has built its business as a facilitator of e-commerce storefronts on Facebook for merchants, has built its own online retail site, pulls trending products mentioned on Facebook and Twitter and displays them within a Web or mobile interface where consumers can then make purchases. The site’s four-million-plus items are culled from Payvment’s 175,000 merchant partners. Users can make purchases on the site through PayPal.

Like Pinterest, Lish is invite-only, and users who receive invites can, in turn, invite up to three Facebook friends. Users must sign up by connecting their Facebook account, which lets Lish do things like automatically share some actions to a user’s Facebook profile.

For example, Lish users can up- or down-vote items using a set of cutesy emoticons: a “smiley-face,” a “meh-face” and a “frowny-face.” After a user has clicked one of the emoticons for a product, that action will automatically be shared to Facebook and show up on his Lish profile page. Purchases won’t be automatically shared to Facebook, but users will be presented the option after completing the transaction.

At launch the social features are limited to users, but Payvment plans to add the ability for merchants to create brand pages so that users can follow them.