Paypal Gives the Gift of Fruitcake

Want to get in the holiday gifting spirit? Wait no longer because you can send fruitcake to your friends this holiday! PayPal has launched the Regift the Fruitcake campaign which is a basic gifting application on Facebook. The application is comprised of two basic components: a global gift tracker and celebrity videos. Fall Out Boy, Tony Hawk, Yao Ming, Ben Roethlisberger, Jimmie Johnson, and Nicole & Joel Richie, have each created videos encouraging users to donate money.

The idea is a pretty cool one. The six celebrities have passed along gifts via the Facebook application, and the only way to send the gifts yourself is if you receive a gift from someone else. When you receive the fruitcake, you have the opportunity to donate money and then regift the fruitcake to one of your friends. It’s a great idea but I wonder what will happen if the fruitcake gets stuck at someone.

The celebrity videos are pretty funny to watch although it’s clear that most of them are reading directly off of cue cards. Yao Ming has a funny video where he shows the fruitcake and says “I believe in America you call this fruitcake, in China we call it laaj, which means garbage.” I’m not quite sure why I found it to be so entertaining but I definitely recommend checking out the application if it’s only for the videos.

I’m curious as to how far this application goes. Currently the map page within the application says that Yao Ming’s gift has been given 49 times. Not bad for the first day but we’ll have to wait and see if the application succeeds at gaining substantial traction. If you want to check out the videos and see where the gifts have gone, go install the Regift the Fruitcake application.