Pay Attention, Young Padewan, And Learn How To Make A Graphic Novel

FP1089 SPIDERMAN teaser.jpg

Another week, another Monday, another knock on the head from Corporate. Unbridled flattery combined with the timing (who really designs over the weekend anyway) means that we’re starting this week of bloggery off with a sharp backwards turn over our shoulders towards the courselist.

On Wednesday, 7-10, there will be Writing and Publishing Your Comic Book Or Graphic Novel. Seems to pretty much explain it all, but for the sake of the Department of Redundancy Department, here’s what the kids are saying:

Everywhere you look, comic concepts and characters are part of our cultural landscape. As modern mythology, comics fuel the blockbuster media hits of our age. But how do you get started as a writer in the exciting and lucrative comics and graphic novel business?

Maybe you have a great idea for a new graphic novel concept, or a fantastic story in mind for an established character. But how do you get the idea from your head onto paper and into print and beyond? And if you don’t have concrete ideas bubbling around in your brain, how do you “prime the pump” to come up with ideas in the first place?

How did they know that’s what we were wondering???

Thankfully, Danny “Spider-Man” Fingeroth is going to teach wannabe “[comic character]”s how to “avoid the five fatal flaws,” “find creative inspiration in the world around you,” and “network.”

The most psyched for Star Wars: The UnBeige Menace, we are.