PAX East 2015: Amazon Game Studios Unveils iOS Game Lineup

The premium tiles will give players hours of gameplay, without the need for additional in-app purchases.

To-Fu Fury

Today at PAX East, Amazon Game Studios revealed a lineup of titles coming to iOS and Fire devices. The games are premium, lengthy experiences, designed to give gamers hours of uninterrupted gameplay without requiring additional in-app purchases.

The first title is Lost Within, a survival horror game set in an abandoned asylum with a “horrific secret.” Players will solve the asylum’s mysteries while crafting weapons and can choose between fighting or stealthily navigating environments to make progress. The game is being co-developed with Human Head, and is coming soon to Fire Phone, Fire tablets and iOS devices.

Next up is Til Morning’s Light, which was originally revealed for Fire Phone and Fire tablets in October 2014. Now, we know the game is also coming to iPhone and iPad. Til Morning’s Light follows Erica, a teenager who must escape a haunted mansion, filled with ghosts and other creatures. Players will solve puzzles and defeat these creatures using rhythm-based combat, as they explore the mansion and look for a way out.

Two additional titles have already been released on limited platforms. The first, Tales from Deep Space, was released on Fire tablets last November, and follows a traveling salesman named E on a journey with a luggage drone, CASI, to save a space station from evil forces. The game was co-developed by Frontier Developments, and is coming soon to Fire Phone and iOS.

Finally, To-Fu Fury (pictured at top) has been announced for Fire tablet and iOS. The game is already available on Fire Phone, and is a puzzle-platformer asking players to save the Fortune Kitty by controlling a block of tofu (named To-Fu), stretching and flinging him around environments as he sticks to walls and defeats enemies.

Players interested in learning more about these games can do so during Amazon Game Studios’ PAX East Live Streams on Twitch, taking place March 6-8 at 1:30 PM Eastern, here.