Paulo Coelho Makes Portugese eBooks Available Exclusively on Kindle

The trend of big-name authors giving Amazon exclusive rights to sell their eBooks on Kindle–which began with Stephen Covey–continues with bestselling Portuguese author Paulo Coelho. (Check out Coelho’s Website to see an awesome picture of the author holding a bow-and-arrow.)

On Friday, Amazon announced that Coelho would make 17 of his books in the original Portuguese available as eBooks exclusively on Kindle. This is the first time these books have been available electronically, and only Kindle will have them for the next six months. Coelho’s book ‘The Alchemist,’ one of the 17 books in the deal, was an international bestseller and holds a Guinness record for the most translated book.

While you’re unlikely to download any of these titles unless you have very good command of Portuguese, this announcement does seem to indicate that very famous authors are beginning to see Kindle as a way to make big money off of their catalogs without the help of a traditional publisher.