Paulina Gretzky Twitter Shutdown Sparks Media Speculation

The first journalist to notice that Wayne Gretzky’s eldest daughter Paulina had closed down her titillating LA Twitter account over the weekend was Toronto Star “Living” reporter David Graham. In yesterday’s piece, he wondered whether dad might have had something to do with it, especially since the Great One’s current Canada-side aspirations don’t necessarily mesh well with a 22-year-old’s “celebutante” stream of saucy pics. There’s also the fact that she had tweeted about having a social media sit-down with pops.

It’s all pure speculation of course, albeit well diagrammed. Graham’s story has since been picked up north of the border by the Globe and Mail and CBC, here by Yahoo! Sports and others.

As most of the media reports note, Paulina’s Twitter pics have recently been memorialized at several online publications such as Without this compiled attention, all this might have remained suitably below radar.

For other Canadian media outlets, these Gretzky Twitter developments are a good excuse for more of same. Vancouver radio station News 1130 headlined its take on the topic “Gretzky Unhappy with Daughter’s “Great Ones.”

Update – 12/02/11: Gretzky’s Twitter account, which had disappeared over the Thanksgiving weekend, is now back up.