Paula Zahn’s Diary Drama

Paula Zahn is offering the papers plenty of divorce drama. The recently departed CNN anchor kept a diary of her affair with married ContiGroup CEO Paul Fribourg. It turns out her estranged husband Richard Cohen came across it and is using it for ammunition in their divorce… not to mention showing the lurid parts to their teenage kids. As per Rush & Molly:

Friends of Zahn, 51, claim Cohen, 59, showed the diary to Haley and her brother, Jared, 13. “It was unnecessary and hurtful,” says one pal, who contends Cohen has been “telling people all over town about the diary.” “Richard has never shown the diary to his other children [other than Haley],” argues one friend. “Richard doesn’t want to drag Paula’s dirty laundry through a public arena. He does not want to embarrass her or their children. All along, he’s kept mum, even though he’s the offended party.” Yet, so far, Cohen has refused to return Zahn’s love diary, says one of her pals, who adds, “Even if he did, you’d have to wonder if he’d keep copies. “You have to wonder why she put these feelings in writing. But I guess she’s a journalist.”

Divorce trials of the rich and famous. Gotta love ’em.