Paula Scher’s Maps Were Pretty Sweet

This morning has been awash with reader mail, something we’re absolutely thrilled about (so thrilled that we’ve had to take a while to calm ourselves down and chill out enough to post), so keep it coming. We love it.

And second, last night. Stopped by Paula Scher’s exhibit opening at Maya Stendhal. The gallerist was, as per usual, somewhat absurdly-yet-awesomely dressed and Paula was looking lovely, if a little weirded out that her private work was suddenly on show. The paintings themselves were fascinating to the map-obsessed among us (Sidekick in full effect), all unraveling textual cartography. Revived our Seymour Chwast-stalking we started at the AIGA and also saw Steve Heller, stopping in on his way to moderate yet another blog panel, Ellen Lupton who we were too shy to say hi to (and she was busy talking to noted baseball author Mark Lamster) but Ellen we heart you and your typographic movies.

Then we left. And rocked.