Paula Deen’s Outrageously Insane PR Apocalypse Explodes like the Death Star and Alderaan Combined

There is simply no other place to begin this post except in outer space, but the truth is Paula Deen’s decisions wouldn’t make any sense in any galaxy anywhere. This is interstellar bat crap crazy.

The meteoric (yes, we’re running with the space metaphor) decline of Paula Deen’s empire after the eponymous Queen of Butter admitted to using racial slurs was stunning itself; however, the all-consuming PR black hole that developed afterwards was as equally shocking and sad. Ms. Deen’s maudlin and muddled series of dubious apologies and explanations pushed the public beyond feelings of anger, sorrow and disappointment. The public became cynical. Yes, the public took to social media and penned some of the funniest and most creative tweets, posts and memes in a while.

Social media is the house of horrors for celebrities experiencing a PR crisis. So it is absolutely unfathomable that Paula Deen (who just fired her legal team), or someone in her camp, would send out of the following tweet:

That massive exploding sound you hear is the collective force of everyone in the public’s mind being blown. The tweets below are just a taste of what is to come over the next few days. Kaboom.