Paul the Octopus Appears on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s list of emerging Facebook apps, measured as those still growing toward a million monthly active users, is led off for once by something other than a quiz app: Who thinks of you?, a sort of pen-pal finder for Facebook.

However, all of the new traffic to “Who thinks of you?”, some 712,312 new monthly active users, appears to have shown up in just the past day — which leads us to believe that Facebook may be going through another of its periodic updates or bug fixes, which sometimes end up drastically recalculating the traffic to some apps.

Take a look over the full AppData list; you may notice a few other incongruous apps:

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original Who thinks of you?831,333+712,312+598%
2.Original 守衛家園725,370+708,996+4,330%
3.App_2_125301840827866_9721 Market Street547,474+547,416+943,821%
4.Original Jewel Box433,987+423,273+3,951%
5.Original Office Wars932,738+415,127+80%
6.Original Birthday Alert448,796+382,358+576%
7.App_2_347486061825_9369 Cafe Life676,692+376,976+126%
8.Original Incontra gente657,699+273,247+71%
9.Original Crazy Taxi635,996+244,710+63%
10.Original Knighthood373,002+234,580+169%
11.Original Four in a Row301,561+232,625+337%
12.App_2_139198072772557_1805 來問章魚哥保羅246,536+228,548+1,271%
13.Original Bingo Island 2449,900+226,752+102%
14.Original Tellywood219,609+218,679+23,514%
15.Original Platinum Life: Web Edition BETA719,711+215,754+43%
16.Original 建立你的測驗922,935+215,068+30%
17.App_2_134494476584783_758 Ask Paul the Octopus !201,077+197,016+4,851%
18.App_2_108480199188341_1684 על כל הקופה194,200+194,115+228,371%
19.App_2_130253496987065_5142 FriendCameo Video Chat628,653+190,908+44%
20.Original WestWars208,938+186,656+838%

Picking out a few, Jewel Box, Birthday Alert and Incontra gente all experienced similar one-day leaps. They’re all older apps that appeared to have plateaued or declining growth; now Facebook is reporting huge gains. We’ve seen these sorts of changes in the past, and it usually appears to be a fix intended to make the apps report the correct numbers; with that in mind, we at least now know that the aforementioned apps are of significant size, if not all blazing-fast growers.

Most of the other apps appear to be reporting normal growth. At number two and three, 守衛家園 and Market Street are both games; they are, respectively, a Chinese-language tower defense game and Playdom’s brand-new game, which we also just reviewed on Inside Social Games.

來問章魚哥保羅 is another Chinese-language app, but not a game. Instead, it’s a just-for-fun app that involves asking a psychic octopus the outcome of a question; you’ll notice that number 17, Ask Paul the Octopus !, is the same app in English. The apps are referencing a soccer World Cup meme, involving an octopus that correctly guessed the outcome of eight games.