Paul Steinhauser Set to Depart CNN for NH1

profilepictureCNN DC bureau chief Sam Feist today sent a note to bureau staff announcing that CNN political editor Paul Steinhauser will soon join NH1 as political director and anchor.

Steinhauser has been with CNN for 28 years in a plethora of roles, including assignment editor, producer, and show EP.

See Feist’s note to staff after the jump.

To: CNN Colleagues,

I am both happy and saddened to share the news that CNN’s longtime political editor, Paul Steinhauser,  will be leaving us at the end of the month. Paul is leaving to take on a new role as the political director and anchor for NH1, a New Hampshire media startup  that is already changing the political media landscape in one of America’s most interesting political places.

Paul and I have talked for many years of his love for all things New Hampshire, not the least of which includes his New Hampshire-native bride. And it hasn’t been an accident that Paul has figured out a way to travel to New Hampshire on dozens of assignments over the years.

Paul has done it all in his 28 years at CNN: desk assistant, assignment editor, AP, producer, show EP, deputy political director, and now political editor. The last three election cycles Paul logged countless live and taped segments for the various CNN networks; he also wrote and edited thousands of stories for  And Paul was an important player in helping CNN win Emmy awards for our 2006 and 2012 election coverage.

We’ll miss Paul’s good humor and his political insight. But there’s a silver lining as we’re heading into a presidential campaign and because we’ll be in need of smart New Hampshire political analysis, I’m sure we’ll continue to regularly work with Paul and even see him on our air.

Please join me in congratulating Paul on his new adventure.