Paul Simon: ‘I Like New York A Lot’

Paul Simon and Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels appeared on an episode Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts that aired over the long weekend. And while we were watching for Michaels’ historical assessment of SNL (“Right after Watergate, we came on during a time when questioning authority seemed an honest thing to be doing — I wanted the show to be boundary-less”) this underwhelming comment from Simon was altogether odd:

“I like New York a lot and since I have been away it has been enough time away to really really like it. I grew up here. Then I had my kids here, all born in the same hospital. I played here in clubs at Radio City and Central Park and the Beacon.”

Yes, Paul Simon “likes” New York City. Later, Simon admitted Central Park is “pretty decent, if you have to” and called Rockefeller Center at Christmas “not the worst place in the world.”


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