This Interview Cost Pee Wee Herman $975

Had the earliest version of Nickelodeon’s green slime actually been dumped on a human being, the results would have probably been similar to what happened in the late 1990s to comic book artist and San Diego Reader contributor Jay Allen Sanford.

As Sanford recalls today, his unauthorized Contemporary Bio-Graphics treatment of Paul Reubens‘ alter ego Pee Wee Herman eventually led to a one-on-one interview at the actor’s LA home. In character, Reubens playfully at one point dumped on Sanford’s head some old and, it turns out, rancid green slime, resulting in a very strong reaction:

Reubens was still apologizing the next day when he phoned to make sure I’d lived to tell. He kindly picked up the tab for $975, which covered the cost of my hospital visit and of the hair stylist later called upon to “fix” those spots where slime-encrusted hair had been excised from my shaggy ‘do.

The resultant haircut can only be described as a cross between a mullet and a Banzai tree.

In addition to arts coverage for the Reader, Allen also draws a couple of comic strips for the alt-weekly: “Overheard in San Diego” and “Famous Former Neighbors.” Thanks to the latter, we are now also re-acquainted with some ancient SoCal history involving Regis Philbin. Read Sanford’s full piece here.