Paul Preece: Making An Unexpected Mint Off Gaming


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we’re not big video game people around here, hence the only occasional coverage. Even though there are a million amazingly talented designers out there working in the field, we just don’t want to do the industry and injustice by talking about things we know nothing about (unlike, say, all the other subsets of design we’re always talking about completely without a clue). But this story, found by way of Waxy, was interesting in a general enough sense to get us hooked. It’s the story “Desktop Tower of Money” over at GigaOM, about designer/programmer, Paul Preece, and how he designed an online game on a whim, did no promotion for it at all, and now makes “in the high four figures” each month purely on ads because the game’s popularity suddenly skyrocketed. It’s a great read, from all sorts of angles, from the “regular guy makes good” to the “ain’t the internet crazy?”