Star-Ledger Blogger Hates CPAC Crowd Warming, Calls it ‘Worst F&@king Thing’

Sitting in the media center on the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference was the relatively discreet Paul Mulshine of the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder had just taken the stage to introduce the next speaker. “Are you ready?!” Crowder yelled into the microphone three times as a way to warm up the crowd. That’s when Mulshine turned around in his seat and said, “I hate that. I’ve been to a lot of CPACs. That is the worst fucking thing when they do that.”

Mulshine isn’t keen on crowd warming or the people who do it. “I want to strangle them,” he continued. “I’ve been to 10 of these things. Certain lines you hear over and over. And that is the fucking worst.”

Asked about himself, Mulshine told us… “I’m one of those old-time columnists,” he said. “Google me, you’ll see.”

He also told FishbowlDC that he “did the original Kwanzaa exposé.” Indeed, it’s a piece he references almost every year “as a corrective to all of the dreadful journalism that occurs in every report of Kwanzaa.”

Mulshine “regards himself as perhaps the sole remaining old-time conservative columnist at a major newspaper in America,” reads his bio.

He may also be, perhaps, the only journalist with strong feelings about warming up the audience.