Paul McCartney To Host Live Twitter Q&A About Upcoming Album ‘New’

It’s been six years since Paul McCartney’s last solo album, and he’s ready to hit the world – and Twitter – with his latest endeavour. To celebrate the release of “New”, McCartney’s new album coming out on October 15th in the US, the former Beatle will be hosting a live Twitter Q&A.

If you’re a McCartney, or a Beatles, fan you’ll want to be on Twitter tomorrow morning. The Q&A is scheduled for 9:40am ET on Thursday October 3rd. It will be McCartney’s first Twitter Q&A.

Fans are encouraged to chime in with their questions about the album “New” or the recording process itself, using the hashtag #askMacca.

And excited fans are already jumping on the #askMacca hashtag to prepare for the Q&A. According to Topsy, more than 2,400 instances of #askMacca have cropped up on Twitter in the past week, with just about 2,000 of them being created today.

McCartney is pretty big on Twitter as it is, so you can bet fans will be chomping at the bit to join in the chat. His account @PaulMcCartney is sitting at about 1,590,000 followers.

“New” is McCartney’s first studio album since “Memory Almost Full”, which was released in 2007, although he’s been an active touring musician in the interim.

There’s quite a lot of buzz about this chat, with “Macca” even posing for a poster announcement:

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