Paul McCartney Releases MP3 Album

Add Paul McCartney to the list of famous artists striking out on their own terms. Slashdot reports that the former Beatle has a side project called The Fireman, and that he just released their new album, Electric Arguments, as an unprotected digital download.

“You can purchase just the digital files, or if you purchase a physical CD or vinyl copy, you are also given access to the digital download,” the report said. “Not only that, but the download is available in 320-kbps MP3, Apple Lossless, or even FLAC format. If you’re interested in trying before you buy, you can listen to the entire album in a Flash player on the main page of the site.”

The album can play on any cell phone or MP3 player (including an iPod). That’s in contrast to buying protected music from Napster, Zune Marketplace, etc. which won’t play on the iPhone, or buying protected music from the iTunes Store, which won’t play on any other cell phone.

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