Paul Martin Retires from Wall Street Journal After 53 Years

Paul Martin, who has been with The Wall Street Journal in some capacity since 1960, is retiring. For the last 27 years, Martin has edited the paper’s Style & Substance dispatch, which focuses on style and grammar.

Martin joined the Journal in 1960 as a copyreader, and worked his way up to chief of the national copydesk by 1972. He was named an assistant managing editor in 1993 and in 2001, retired as a full-time staff member. His last edition of Style & Substance ran today, and featured these parting words:

With this issue of Style & Substance, midway into my 27th year as the founding editor, I will be yielding the reins. As part of my 53-year association with The Wall Street Journal, it has been a good run, indeed. Thanks to all of you, staffers and outside readers of the blog, for your many contributions and critiques to help uphold the highest standards for English usage in the Journal.

(h/t: Jim Romenesko)

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